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Going from Junior College, to DII Walk-On to Changing Sports and on a Scholarship

In high school, I was never a good enough athlete to catch a coach’s attention based on my athletic achievements. At the time, I thought this was because I wasn’t good enough to be a college athlete, but now realize it was because I didn’t know how the recruiting process worked. I ran cross country […]

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A Coach Contacted Me and Now Won’t Respond

One of the most difficult things to do is get college coaches to notice you and begin recruiting you. That’s why when you get your first letters from coaches you get so excited and you should be. But what happens often times is an athlete responds to the coaches, fills out a recruiting questionnaire and […]

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Lessons From Athletes Who Transfer Colleges

The rate of athletes transferring colleges is growing every year. I get a lot of questions from recruits and parents about what their options are and many times, athletes have no choice but to lose a year of eligibility. This article is for athletes and parents of athletes who are trying to identify the right […]

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What Your Local College Recruiting Story Isn’t Telling You

All across the country newspapers publish stories about the local star athletes who are getting recruited by the top college coaches. These are great stories meant to fill communities in on what’s happening with their top local prep athletes. Unfortunately, these are also the stories that many parents and athletes use are their bases for […]

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How Do I Get College Coaches to Watch Me Play?

More than any other single event in the recruiting process, athletes and parents equate seeing scouts and coaches at your games as the sign that you are being seriously recruited. It is certainly true that if a school is going to send staff to come watch you play you are on their radar. What most […]

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Having The Right Expectations for Your Child Will Lead to More Scholarship Opportunities

The breakdown in recruiting often happens when players and parents expectations are too high. At times, it turns into a case where parents push their child toward a university too competitive for them, in hopes of earning an athletic scholarship; which then leads to frustration when those top colleges don’t reciprocate the same interest. The Results […]

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One of the Fastest Ways to Lose a Scholarship Offer

An angry mother recently wrote a letter to administrators at Texas Tech University complaining that her son was mistreated by former head coach Billy Gillispie. The mother accused Gillispie of berating her son during a camp for high school athletes last summer for overthrowing a pass to another player. Other (college) athletes have complained to the […]

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Make Sure You Know The New NCAA Eligibility Standards

In just a few weeks, a brand new group of high school students will start both their athletic and academic careers. Because of the way a bunch of rules in Division I combine together, the start of high school is extremely important. Once a student starts the ninth grade, they have 10 years and must […]

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4 Ways Parents Can Help Their Child Get Recruited

There is a lot to know about the recruiting process. Student -athletes already have a lot on their plate; once recruiting is factored in, look out! As the athletes’ number one supporter, it’s important for you to be there for them. To streamline your efforts here is a quick four step guide to taking part […]

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Are You Better off Playing One or More Sports? (Part 2)

Part 1 of this series discusses the information high school athletes should consider before giving up playing multiple sports to focus on one sport. What outside factors are playing into this shift? Should athletes take injury into account when considering opportunities for their sport? You need to consider two things when determining how injuries will affect […]

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