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New Laws to Help You Understand Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are not fully understood by the majority of athletes and families. We spend most of our time helping you understand what it takes to get a scholarship and flourish in the recruiting process. However, just because you know how to get a scholarship and you might be fortunate enough to be receiving one […]

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Don’t Let the College Recruiting Process Take Over

The college recruiting process is complicated and can be overwhelming for many families. There are schools to research, coaches to contact, profiles to be built, videos to be edited, and much more. And this is on top of your student athlete’s schedule and responsibilities. To be successful in athletic recruiting, you need to be organized and have […]

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Official Visit: Make Sure it’s Your Athlete’s, Not Yours

As a parent, it is easy to get caught up in the recruiting process with your athlete. Choosing the right college is a huge decision for your athlete and your family, and visiting schools is an important part of that process. When your athlete is invited to make an official visit to a school, you want to make […]

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4 Signs You’re an “I” College Recruiting Parent

Parents of high school athletes have a lot to be proud of. Their kids are juggling going to class and studying, as well as dedicating themselves to being part of a sports team. It’s easy for parents to get really involved in the sports and teams that their kids participate in; that’s great! But when […]

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Parents’ Role on an Unofficial Visit

Researching a university is difficult; researching colleges for your child may prove to be even more difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to make sure you are guiding your child and being a supportive parent during this crucial step in your child’s life. As a parent, you should be encouraging yet unbiased […]

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Are College Sports a Reality For Your Athlete?

Give Them the Choice to Play in College As a parent, you want the best for your child. Most parents with young athletes hope to see their child go on to play college sports one day. Once your child is in high school and continues to show an avid interest in playing sports, it’s a […]

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How to Work with Your Child’s Coach

High school coaches work hard to see that their athletes succeed, both in the game and in life. They encourage growth and development as a player, as a student, and as a member of the community. Hence, it’s really important to use your coach as a resource when you start the recruiting process. Don’t Rely […]

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4 College Recruiting Considerations When Choosing a High School

Did you know that finding the right high school for your kid is just as important as finding the right college? The high school that your student ends up attending can have a direct impact on their ability to get admitted and succeed in college. There are several things to consider when looking into high […]

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